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This is an evaluation copy of the Back To Godhead (BTG) magazine article or lecture, and is NOT FOR RESALE. This evaluation copy is intended for personal non- commercial use only. Use it to evaluate the BTG magazine. If you like this electronic article/lecture, please buy the magazine with full color pictures from our website, www.Krishna.com - it makes a great gift for loved ones and is easier to read.  Plus, we'd like to use the proceeds of the magazine to build temples for Sri Krishna, and to print and publish more books about Sri Krishna.

What you may do with this file:
- You may download and read this electronic file for your own personal use, to evaluate the BTG magazine.
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"Excerpted from 'Back To Godhead' magazine, courtesy of The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc., www.Krishna.com."

What you may not do with this file:
- You may not modify this file, add or subtract anything, in any way before sharing it with others. You must keep all copyright notices, source and content intact.
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For example, you cannot sell any portion of this work or make money from its use, display or distribution.
Any such use, and any use not specifically granted above, will require the express written permission of the copyright owner.
For any questions, please contact our rights and permissions department:

- The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc., Rights and Permissions, copyrights@bbti.org, www.bbti.org

This electronic file is Copyright 1989 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International Inc., 3764 Watseka Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90034, USA. All rights reserved. For any questions, comments, correspondence, or to evaluate dozens of other books in this collection, visit the website of the publishers, www.Krishna.com.

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